We are very pleased to inform you that SwimCount is now available in Men's Shop in Rødovre Centret and Frederiksberg Centret in Copenhagen.

What if I get a bad result?

November 26, 2015

What should you do if you get a bad result (low sperm quality) when testing with the SwimCount device?

Our founder Steen Laursen, PhD and experienced fertility-doctor explains in the video below:

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SwimCount awarded the CE mark

November 26, 2015

SwimCount awarded the CE mark

We are pleased to announce that SwimCount is now CE marked! The product is thus available online and soon in shops near you.

With the help of the SwimCount test, men will get a reliable result about their sperm quality after just 30 minutes without having to consult a doctor or a fertility clinic first. This is great news for every couple experiencing difficulties in conceiving since SwimCount can be a screening device that enables men with problems to seek help much faster.

According to Marie Louise Grøndahl, Ph.D and Lab. Director at the IVF clinic at Herlev Hospital in Denmark, the male factor is a very common reason for infertility, and it can be very useful with an early examination of the sperm quality to get the couple into a treatment as early as possible. The couple’s fertility decreases with age – especially after the women have turned 35.