Combo deal 2: Two x SwimCount™ Male Fertility Tests


With this combo deal you can test your sperm quality at home in a cozy and quiet environment and find out how many of your sperm cells that are able to swim and whether you have a normal sperm quality. The combo deal includes two SwimCount™ Male Fertility Tests so you have the opportunity to test again if the first test result shows a low result or if you want to test your sperm quality again after some time. We recommend that you wait at least 3 months before testing again, as it takes the body 3 months to produce new sperm cells.

SwimCount™ Male Fertility Test
SwimCount™ Male Fertility Test measures the concentration per mL of the sperm cells that are able to swim and penetrate an egg, which is the only natural way to achieve pregnancy. In just 30 minutes, you'll receive an answer to whether you have a normal sperm quality, which means that you have equal to or more than 5 million Progressive Motile Sperm Cells per mL. 

Each box contains one SwimCount™ Test, one collection cup and one syringe that shall be used to transfer the sample from the cup to the test.  

The test can be used only once, we therefore recommend that you read the included instructions for use before use 

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