Which is the quickest and less costly way to test your sperm quality?

Which is the quickest and less costly way to test your sperm quality?

March 21, 2021

Did you know that testing your sperm quality sooner rather than later can provide you with early signals of whether you should change your lifestyle or diet? This knowledge is valuable not only if you are planning to become a father, at some point, but also to be aware of your overall health situation. Because when it comes to fertility, every day counts.

There are several ways to perform a sperm test, but there are only two options, if you want to measure the Progressive Motile Sperm Cells (PMSCs) concentration. PMSCs are the only sperm cells that can reach and fertilize a female egg in a natural way. Your two options are visiting a fertility clinic or taking a SwimCount Sperm Quality Test. The SwimCount Sperm Quality Test requires less in terms of both purchase costs and “human costs”, also known as tangible and intangible costs.


The tangible benefits of SwimCount Sperm Quality Test:


€49.99 is the only expense that will emerge when buying the SwimCountTM Sperm Quality Test. Compared to a more traditional sperm quality test, where the expenses might rise to €150 or more, depending on the provider, the price of SwimCount is predictable and affordable.


Expenses on the transportation are also something that will make this sperm quality check cheaper because the only thing you have to do is - order the home-test online and wait until it is delivered to your home or the nearest package shop, instead of traveling to and from the fertility clinic.

Other expenses

There are some not so obvious expenses which can be cut out, if you choose the SwimCount Test – such as, taking a whole day off or at least part of it, just to do a single examination. On the other hand, the SwimCount Test can be performed at any time – night, middle of the day or morning, your call.


The intangible benefits of SwimCount Sperm Quality Test:


It is a very important and valuable asset, and the more you can save the better. Buying the home-test kit online and doing whatever your heart desires in the meantime while it arrives is much preferable than contacting a specialist in limited opening hours and planning a specific time frame to visit a clinic to make a sperm quality check.

Fertility clinics cannot be found on every corner, and some are better than others, so this would most probably include additional time spending on research and travelling. SwimCount Sperm Quality Test for home-use can also be bought in most drugstores and pharmacies.


Emotional benefit

Probably the biggest intangible benefits you can receive from buying the SwimCount Sperm Quality home-test kit – PRIVACY and DISCRETION. These are considered extremely valuable, especially because it helps with the whole process of testing.

Stress of going through the experience of visiting a doctor and talking about a delicate topic, can result in complications to perform the sperm sample or the results afterwards can be inconclusive, because stress relates to decreased sperm quality.

Waiting for the results is another anticipating part, which the SwimCount Sperm Quality Test solves, because instead of waiting up to several days for a follow up call or meeting, the SwimCount Sperm Quality Test gives you a result in 30 minutes after having produced your sperm sample.

Performing the test at the comfort of your own home and in the settings that are most suitable for you is a priceless benefit that cannot be achieved during a traditional and clinical sperm quality check.


The steps of testing fertility might need to be repeated more than once, because sperm quality results can change depending on many factors. SwimCount can help you with saving time and money when testing how many Progressive Motile Sperm Cells you have being the only sperm cells that can make a woman pregnant in a natural way.


Test your sperm quality sooner rather than later, because every day counts.