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Why choose SwimCount™?

The NHS recommends that if you decide to purchase a home sperm test kit, then you should choose one that measures motility as well as sperm count.

With a sensitivity of 98%* compared to laboratory sperm analysis, SwimCount gives you the opportunity to test your sperm quality at home - and make positive diet and lifestyle changes to help increase your sperm quality if necessary.

SwimCount™ Sperm Quality Test is the only patented sperm quality test for home use that is able to measure the concentration of Progressive Motile Sperm Cells (PMSCs). PMSCs are the only sperm cells that can fertilize an egg and thereby make a woman pregnant in a natural way.

Available in the UK from major retailers including Superdrug, and direct from SwimCount.

* Multi-centre independent clinical trial. Overall accuracy of 96%.


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