SwimCount™ Condom

What is it?

The SwimCount™ Condom is a condom, which does not contain any spermicide (cream that kills the sperm cells) as normal condoms do. Therefore, it is safe and recommended to be used with the SwimCount™ Sperm Quality Test, if you are looking for an alternative way on how to collect a sperm sample. 

How to use it?

Put on the condom before the intercourse begins and make sure it stays on during the whole intercourse. If it comes off, stop and put on a new one. When using the SwimCount Sperm Quality Test, do not use any kind of lubricants as the SwimCount Condom must be used as it is. It is OK to use saliva on the outside of the Condom. 

Guide on how-to:

  1. Carefully open the condom's foil packaging, avoiding the SwimCount™ Condom to be damaged by nails, jewelry etc. 
  2. Remeber to look at the condom to make sure that it is rolled on with the outside out. 
  3. Place the rolled condom on the erect head of the penis and pinch air out of the tip of the condom. 
  4. Unroll the condom down to the root of the penis. Whether the penis is totally erect or the foreskin is pulled back or not is of no importance. 
  5. When the ejaculation is done, carefully remove the condom.
  6. Empty the ejaculate from the opening of the SwimCount™ Condom by squeezing the semen out with your fingers.